Fanzones debuts new technology at the 2017 NBA Summit

The 2017 NBA Summit was the perfect opportunity for the Fanzones team to present all their new cutting-edge technology and discuss rollout plans with teams for the new 2017-18 jerseys.

As an official licensee, the Silver Crystal Sports will be providing letters and numbers for all of the upcoming 2017/2018 NBA jerseys. We will also be able to provide sponsor patches and have them as free or orderable options on our Fanzones customization software. We are anxious to start this transition planning with all NBA teams.

Fanzones newest cutting-edge technology were also prominently featured. Wall-E, a mini dual screen kiosk that can be mounted to any POS counter, provides Fanzones TV educational messaging combined with a touch screen customization screen.  A package that offers an unmatched customer experience!

Adding integrated payment into existing Fanzones Kiosks allows customers to skip the line, while helping our retail partners to optimize labor and the customization process. Paid orders can be sent directly to the pressing zone with information on the receipt to inform the customer of how to collect their jersey.

Another great retail tool for 2017 is the Fanzones Ball Press, which creates a new stream of revenue for your NBA retail operation. The press fits easily into any Fanzones customization program and allows our customers to pick from a number of different graphical options that can be easily pressed onto basketballs on-demand!

The Fanzones team can also provide e-commerce support, whether for VIP events, season ticket holder drives, online team stores, or suite holder ordering. Our in-house team can create something for you to support your customization program or overall e-commerce needs.

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Integrated Payment System

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