Digital Kiosks

The touch screen is a “DIGITAL SALESMAN” designed to promote and increase sales. The system allows the consumer to visualize what his potential purchase will look like. It also provides “Retail Entertainment” and excitement over the product you are offering and can be placed in any location to maximize traffic and potential sales.


Touchscreen Features:

  • Available in 3 styles: 32” and 22’ wings terminal and 22 “ table top model
  • Options include internal or external receipt printer
  • Options include “wings marketing” providing additional promotional space
  • User is presented with on an on-screen receipt and a confirmation screen
  • Upon placing order, a paper receipt is presented.

General Features:

  • Customized for your inventory
  • Options disappear when out of stock
  • Offer roster, pre-set names and custom (any name, any number)
  • Text display filter (blacklist certain words)
  • Deliver to seat option
  • Discount capabilities
  • Bar Code SKU System to easily work with any POS & ERP Systems
  • Option for pay at cash or pay now
  • Order details printout to customer
  • Online database of all order details
  • Web based backend control tools and reporting module
  • Multi-team scheduler feature (switch back and forth from different leagues and teams)

Validation/Online Module Features:

  • Laptop provided to record sales and track information
  • USB Hand Scanner required
  • Cashier scans receipt into ERP system
  • Order state changes to paid and request is then sent the pressing station
  • All placed order are visible online
  • Entire order is captured and date/time stamped
  • Reports can be filtered by multiple criteria to produce specific views
  • Data may be exported for use in other applications
  • Sales – reporting
    • Quick, full view of real-time inventory levels
    • Filter by font style for accurate levels of all types of letters/numbers
    • Numbers/letters automatically removed from inventory
    • Auto-replenishment capabilities