What is a Fanzones Program?

The Fanzones program is an In-Stadium/In-Retail Micro Factory that gives the retail establishment the ability to customize licensed sport jerseys and team apparel on demand!

Types of Fanzone programs that teams and retails stores can select:

  1. Letters and numbers
  2. Letters and numbers with heat press
  3. Full system with digital technology
  4. Full system with digital technology and e-com
  5. Full system with digital technology, e-com and jersey rollercoaster

Fanzones Deployment:

The Fanzones program includes, at no cost to the team, a Fanzones Micro – Factory heat press and storage, Digital terminals, installation by SCS Launch Team, staff training and lifetime service/maintenance per the length of the agreement.

A fanzones program can be deployed for different locations and for different reasons.

In Stadium – teams can deploy a Fanzones program in their retail store or throughout the stadium.

Retail – stores no longer have to tell a customer that customization takes 2 weeks. A fanzones retail program allows for instant customization and allows retail operators the opportunity to carry multiple teams and options.

Drop Ship – with our 15,000 square ft facility we are able to provide exceptional customer service for large orders in a short turnaround time.

Special Events – Large events such as All – Star games and large championship games are perfect to maximize jersey sales in a short period of time.

VIP – Any sports organization can now use the VIP Program to celebrate an Anniversary, to promote sales, or use the program as a marketing tool to improve their brand.

E-Com – With our digital customizer we can provide retailers an online solution.