The Fanzones system is revolutionizing retail! Store outlets can now offer a service never offered to a consumer before; the ability to customize a sports jersey on site in the matter of minutes!

Benefits of the Fanzones System:

Increased your sales per square foot. The Silver Crystal Sports Fanzone System can increase your jersey and team apparel sales from 25% – 150% on average. With a broader product offering combined with available instantaneous customization and on demand personalization.

Unmatched increase in customer gratification with instantaneous customization and on demand personalization “your name – your number” on game day service. On any given day your retail establishment can offer a complete roster of past and present players and provide fans the ultimate gift.

Improved brand recognition and increased franchise awareness with more jerseys and team apparel in the marketplace represented by the fans.

Complete inventory control, lower inventor carrying costs, virtually zero obsolescence risk (in a trade or injury situation) and a wider product offering range including, special promotions, unlimited product offerings.

Back end inventory automated management system of names and numbers including sales reports, MRP reporting, auto replenishment functions, while maximizing sales and eliminating stock outs for any Fanzones Program.


Why a Fanzones Program?

By installing a Fanzones program in your retail location will benefit with:

  • A new service offered to your customer
  • Increase customer loyalty and repeat customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increased revenue and profits
  • The ability to carry different products and variety of different jerseys
  • Differentiate your store from your competitors (offering a unique product and service)
  • Back end inventory management control with sales reports

Differentiate yourself with a Fanzones System!

  • 22 or 32 digital screen with “wing marketing”
  • Promote and sell your “city teams” or provide “league options” for customization
  • Customize tee shirts and sweatshirts
  • Provide retail entertainment with digital screens