The backbone of any sports franchise is its fans. More specifically it is the fans that makes up the base and shows it commitment every year by purchasing season tickets, merchandise etc.

Through the Silver Crystal Sports/Fanzones VIP Program sports franchises can now show how the fans commitment really means to them. In appreciation for their loyalty and support, sports franchises can now provide the ultimate gift; a personalized custom jersey.

Any sports organization can now use the VIP Program to celebrate an Anniversary, to promote sales, or use the program as a marketing tool to improve their brand.

In addition to increasing the good will with your fan base, Silver Crystal Sports/Fanzones VIP program will also provide a full turn key solution. All the work is done by us, from beginning to end!



The VIP program can include:

  • a fully built website (separate or in conjunction with the current website) that provides information and the ability to take orders
  • A jersey customizer program allowing your fans to preview and order there jersey online
  • Collection of all data information
  • The gathering and assembly of all products necessary to distribute the product IE the box and the jersey.
  • Mailing of product to all fans

The VIP program will provide sports franchises increased brand loyalty, increased brand recognition and most importantly an ecstatic fan base! There is no better way to give back to your fans, then with a personalized gift such a team customized jersey!


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